the writer

I used to handle alligators.

Currently, I'm completing work on a collection of personal essays.  It's called “My Mid-life Thong Crisis and Other True Stories About Bodies.”

  I live and write in Portland, Oregon.

   A professional head-shot is here.
the mother

   "My mom is medium extra large.  Her hair is black.  She wears glasses.  She likes to e-mail.  She likes to read to me and play card games.  She is good at games.  She does special things with me."  -Leo, age 5

   "This is good, because now we have two clowns.  Someday, when I die, you can each have a clown of your own."
   -excerpt from On Having Clowns

the dog owner

  I am in love with my dog. 

This has not caused too many problems.

  He is NOT, in fact, a Chinese Crested Hairless Mutt as we had thought for the last 12 years. We had his DNA checked during the pandemic and he is: 
  • 52% Miniature Poodle
  • 25% Chihuahua
  • 23% Pomeranian
And the hairlessness, you ask? he has Alopecia.

His name is Calvin.