Much to my amazement...

and perhaps to your amusement...


I will be reading a short excerpt from an essay at the wordstock festival this November 8th: 

The essay is called, "My Mid-life Thong Crisis."  It is not appropriate for children, or really for anyone under the age of 40. 

If you want to read the whole essay, you can find it in the anthology VoiceCatcher3, available soon at Powell's Books and New Seasons.

The VoiceCatcher Stage begins at 10:30 AM in room d-135 at the Oregon Convention Center.  I am first up.  Tickets are $5 and support Community of Writers,
a nonprofit that works to promote writing in the community and in the classroom. 

If you plan to be there, and are so inclined please do wear a thong.  Or not.  Whatever.