My first illustration

This came to my in-box:

Dear Portland Writers,

Wieden + Kennedy would like to create a web-based promotion for Wordstock that is a series of 50-word vignettes about Portland. We think people could get excited about reading a few takes on the city that everyone has something to say about. And who better to do the "saying" than Wordstock's featured authors?

So, we'd like to ask you to write one.

You have complete freedom as to how you address your topic. Each piece will be titled "[your name] on [something about Portland]" and used to draw traffic to the Wordstock web site (as well as massive crowds to
your appearance!). 

Here's the catch: W+K would like to have these done and on the site within a week. Therefore, they are asking for submissions by 5 p.m. this Thursday, Oct. 23. Yes, I'm well aware that's 54 hours from now. But we're talking 50 words! Please consider giving this a shot.


I submitted 50 words.  I know it's not much, but the real thrill for me was that somebody came along and did an illustration.  I've never been illustrated before.  Bonus!

Ramona Quimby, a bike mechanic and an organic chicken walk
into a brewpub.
Ramona: Bartender, is your beer wind-powered?
Bartender: You bet. But we don't serve chickens.
Ramona: But this chicken can impersonate Storm Large!
Bartender: Is this a joke?
Bike Mechanic: (strikes Virabhadrasana). No, dude. It's Portland.